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Women and their literary memories

The seven poets will present their latest works in an evening full of poetry, prose and live music on the 7th of October.

To celebrate their first anniversary, ‘The Spanish-American Workshop of Memory Women Writers’ has organized a very poetic night.  The protagonists of the event will be the seven members of the workshop: María Eugenia Bravo (Chile), Consuelo Rivera Fuentes (Chile), Sara Cornejo (Chile), Sofía Buchuck (Peru), Isabel Ros-López (Spain), María Alba Marijo (Spain) and Mabel Encinas (Mexico).

Despite being from different countries, their love of poetry, and their passion and celebration of life unites them. They formed the group harbouring hopes of expansion, and personal techniques and reflexion allowed their very own literary feedback – including exploring new and diverse writing techniques and looking into other peoples’ works, including those of immigrants.

Their meetings usually combine poetry with singing and guitar playing creating an atmosphere that stimulates both individual and group creativity through both conversation and literary exhibition.

The event, which will take place on the 7th of October, will exhibit performance-based art since the members of the workshop also practise theatre, dance, music and pre-Columbian rituals.

In the first instance, the poets will present their most recent works with varied subject matters such as the topic of exile, passion, romance, varied identities and, freedom, among others. There will also be music, dramatized poetry and the reading of short stories. In the second part of the evening, Consuelo Rivera Fuentes will present her book “Sand in the throat” which talks about Latin American migrants in exile in the UK.  The poems which make up the book, touch on deep feelings such as freedom, lost loved-ones, solitude and companionship. They will be interpreted by the workshop as a whole.

Entry to the event is free, for more information or bookings, go to or call 07958 012 682.

(Translated by Rupert Williams – Email:

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