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Latin flavour still strong

Tania Maria Brazilian born rhythm singer and pianist has the ability to convey her internal joy and share it vibrantly with her listeners.

Lemuel Phillip-Moore

Tania’s style can be described as percussive rhythm piano often accompanied by her beautiful voice.

Her singing style is masterfully controlled, beautifully accented by the high notes she often sings and plays on her piano.

Upbeat and high-tempo her energetic vibrations will immediately elevate your mood.

Tania Maria was born in 1948, Brazil.

Her Latin upbringing is the strongest ingredient in her music making her music notably a strong mark for the Brazilian culture and the progress of Brazilian music.

Most of the songs sung by Tania Maria are in her native tongue, Portuguese.

Tania has recorded over 20 albums since 1969 which all fall under the Brazilian Jazz genre.

Brazilian Jazz often refers to Bossa nova, Samba jazz and other various forms of Jazz-fusion.

The Latin America sound is a popular style of music which enjoyed and often associated to dances of Latin America which has become commercially variable all over the world.

Salsa dance has taken the world by storm originating from Cuba, now to a global scale.

Frequent World Salsa Championships takes place thanks to the creativity and vibrant souls of the Latin world.

During the Moorish occupation the musical styles of Jews, Spanish Christians and Moors contributed to the evolution of Latin Music.

The use of Moorish instruments and improvised high pitched nasal singing style spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Tania’s music manages to encompass the energy emulated from her culture with perfection.

Tania continues strong, touring well into her sixties. Tania will be in St Moritz, Dracula Club Switzerland on July 30th, Newton Square in Johannesburg, South Africa from August 26th, 27th,, Bremen (Germany) to September 14th , and Saint Ouen L’Aumone, France, on December 2nd 2011.

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