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Spain, a giant on the BFI’s screen

The difficulties of a Latin American immigrant and the indelible memory of the civil war are some of the themes that serve to show this country’s cinematic growth in Europe.

Ramón Lafée

The Iberian nation features prominently in the BFI London Film Festival with the presentation of various films headed by Benito Zambrano’s drama of the Spanish civil war “La voz dormida” (“The Sleeping Voice”).

Within this range of options they highlight “Amador”, another drama that shows the difficulties of a hard-working Latin American immigrant.

El alma de las moscas” (“The Soul of the  Flies”) verges upon Magical Realism, portraying two brothers who meet for the first time at a reunion after the death of a father they had never seen in their lives.

Las olas” (“The Waves”) is a drama about a survivor of the Civil War and his exile.  Following the passing of his wife, he remembers some of the scenes of his youth during the conflict.

This variety of films reflects the rise of Spanish cinema in recent years and its privileged place within what this festival has to offer.

The British Film Institute (BFI) London Film Festival is the city’s largest cinematic event and one of the most anticipated film festivals in Europe.

Celebrated every October from the 12th to the 27th, it presents the world’s most outstanding films, attracting well-known film makers and actors as well as an avid audience eager to appreciate the best of world film making during the two weeks that the event lasts.

Last year the festival presented 201 feature-length films and 112 short films from 68 countries, including 11 world premiers.

This year celebrities of the likes of George Clooney, David Cronenberg, Fernando Meirelles, Jonathan Demme, Ralph Fiennes and Roland Emmerich are expected.

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