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On the memory of Arabic art

The launch of a book that recalls the Arabian influence in the artistic current of the Iberian Peninsula.

Ramón Lafée

Several centuries of Arabian domination in Spain have left a deep mark. Customs, food, architecture; and even the Spanish language itself has innumerable vestiges of Islamic culture.

Exploring these collections, the Spanish Embassy in London will host to launch the book: “The Islamic art of Spain” (from the Alhambra to Owen Jones ).

The author, Mariam Rosser-Owen, is a curator at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, and has previously published writings and essays related to this subject, such as the use of marble in the medieval Mediterranean as well as being a contributor to the book: “Palaces and Mosques: Islamic Art in the Medieval Period“.

This book makes a profound analysis of the artistic designs produced in Spain under Islamic rule, as well as the influence of the country via its Islamic standards on decorative arts in the rest of Europe.

In a educational and entertaining way, the book takes the reader on a journey from the 8th to the 20th century in a very artistic way, mentioning issues such as the origin and later suppression and rediscovery of Arabian art in Spain.

Numerous photographs of engravings of jewels, fabrics, furniture, marble tombstones, and different ceramics belonging to the Victoria and Albert Museum collection complement the experience.

Date: Tuesday 18th October 2011-09-28. Time: 18.30pm. Place: Spanish Embassy , “Vives”  room. 39 Chesham Place, London, SW1X 8HN.

Translated by Cin Eglinton – Email:

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