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Women of handwritten inspiration

Three post-war women writers show how willpower prevails above all.

Ramón Lafée

If writing is an art, then to get a book published requires a mixture of art, patience, dedication, being appreciated by others and perhaps a little good luck.

Cristina Cerezales

Today writers are faced with many challenges, but none compare to those that post-war novelists in Spain faced, and in particular the women amongst them.

To remind us that no obstacle can stop the power and determination of the written word, the

Instituto Cervantes is holding the event: “Amongst women writers: Carmen Laforet.”
This event will tell the stories and struggles of three recognized Spanish women writers.

They not only had to fight against censorship and the lack of cultural freedoms under the Franco dictatorship, but also overcome the barriers imposed upon them in society simply due to the fact that they were women.

All three writers received the “Nadal” prize for their first novels: Carmen Laforet (“Nada” 1944), Carmen Martín Gaite (“Entre visillos” 1957) and Ana María Matute (Primera Memoria 1959).

To bring the event to a close, Carmen Laforet’s daughter, Cristina Cerezales Laforet will talk about her mother and her literary works.

Date: 6th-13th October, 2011. Time: 6:30pm. Place: Chancellor’s Hall, Senate House, London University, Malet Street, London, WC1E 6HU

(Translated by Amanda Flanaghan)

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