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Nicaragua through the lens

An afternoon in the light of the cinema productions of this country, with rum and coffee will be held next Saturday October 22nd.

The man of a single note

It includes three films: two short documentaries and a full-length feature, works which have been chosen for this exhibition organized by the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign.

The afternoon begins with El Hombre de una sola note (The man of a single note), the winner of a prize for short mystery films (14 minutes), directed by Frank Pineda (1989).

This will be followed by Young, Nicaraguan and Organized, a contemporary documentary which in 10 minutes brings together the countryside, the struggles, and the voices of street sellers, trade unionists and other workers (NSCAG).

And to finish the afternoon La Yuma (91 mins) will be shown, the winner of a number of prizes as the best full-length film, directed by Florence Jauguy (2010).

It tells the story of Yuma, a young woman rebel from a poor area of Managua whose dream is to become a boxer. Yuma is played powerfully by the actress Alma Blanco, whose performance confirms this as one of the most important parts of this matinee in which Nicaragua is experienced through the lens.

Time: 3pm to 6pm

Place: The Ritzy Cinema, Coldharbour Lane, London SW2 1JG, a few minutes walk from Brixton underground station.

For more information: Stella Embliss 0207 561 4836,, and

(Translated by GRahan Douglas – Email:

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