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The UK’s largest Latin American Conference

This is an all-day series of lectures and workshops on Saturday 3rd December, inviting over 50 speakers and 400 delegates from London and across Latin America to discuss and debate the future of the continent.

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With less than a month to go, preparations are in place for the 7th annual “Latin America 2011″ conference in London.

The annual conference is the largest of its kind, bringing

together speakers from all over the world to discuss challenges currently facing the continent.

The conference is organised by the Cuban Solidarity Campaign, Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign and the Nicaraguan Solidarity Campaign. All three organizations campaign for their nations’ rights to sovereignty and self-determination.

“Adelante” which means “progress” in Spanish is the spirit and slogan of the conference and name of the magazine published by the three organizations.

Last year, more than 400 people attended the lectures, seminars and workshops passionately discussing the future of the region. Discussions ranged from climate change and media representation to the US militarisation of Latin America and economic polices of each countries.

Highlights of last year’s conferences included: Cuban Ambassador, Esther Armenteros, who spoke of the difficulties created by the U.S. embargo against Cuba; Venezuelan ambassador, Samuel Moncada, who discussed how the U.S. was hampering Venezuela’s efforts on social policy and Megan Dobney, the regional secretary of SERTUC, who believed that the greatest challenges to neo-liberalism were taking place in Latin America.

This year’s event is also anticipated to attract a lot of heated debate and discussion as to the developments in the continent. Over 50 speakers from across the continent have been invited to speak at the event including: Cuban Deputy Sports Minister, Alberto Juntorena; Venezuelan trade union leader, Egle Sanchez; family members of the Miami Five and many more.

As a forerunner to the conference, Noam Chomsky gave a lecture analysing the history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and how progressive movements in Cuba and Venezuela have challenged this hegemony. He also expressed his disapproval over the U.S.’s continuing inclusion of Cuba in its list of nations which support terrorism.

The conference points to how progressive governments in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia have improved the lives of many through extended health care, education and by enhancing social equality. The event also brings together British trade unions and solidarity campaigns, providing a fertile ground for union leaders to share their opinions and views of the countries’ futures.

The meeting concludes in a truly Latino spirit with a Fiesta Latina where delegates will be able to unwind to some great live Latin music while sipping a couple of Pisco Sours.

Date: Saturday 3rd December 2011. Time: 9:30am – 5:00 pm. Venue: Congress House, Great Russell Street, WC1B 3LS.

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