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“Battlefield” is the name given to a 78 minute feature film, made “at all costs” and will be screened on Monday 5 December in the Bolivar Hall, London.

Paola Andrea Blanco Buitrago

The film is the first to be directed and co-produced by Amancay Tapia Montes, who finished it in three years and on a very low budget.

Thanks to her patience and determination, the work was consolidated as a project which has already won several awards for this half Gallegan, half Bolivian film maker, born in Pontevedra 32 years ago.

Finishing the film occupied several years of her life, knocked on several doors and incurred debt, but it also became a personal and professional challenge.  She gave up on several occasions, but life had laid the tools in her path which enabled her to finish what she had set out to do.

The film tells the story of five women who spend several days trapped in a beauty salon, in la Paz, during a social disturbance for coca leaf growers.

The making of the film had a small but very efficient team which included the film maker Guillermo Medrado, producers Justin Chilton, Huascar Tapia and Amancay herself; the editor Tansy Huws and the artistic director Adela Montes.

Battlefield” was screened in the Bolivian cinema screens from January to March 2011 and won an award for the best foreign film at the Portabello Festival.  It won the Independent Spirit Award in TriesteLatinoamericano and received the Business film award at the Orense International Film Festival.

The film has now come to London, entry is free and there is also the added advantage of an open debate with Amancay Tapia afterwards.

Date and time: Monday 5 December at 7.30 pm.  Place: Bolivar Hall, 54-56 Grafton Way, London W1T, near Warren Street underground station.

For further information call: 07951 989 897.

(Trasnslated by Louise Jefferson – Email:

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