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A week of action against privatisation

From the 13th to the 19th of February members of PCS will take action against what they consider to be a violation of their working conditions.

PCS Bootle Taxes Branch has called on all its workers, whether or not they are part of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), anti-cuts groups and anyone opposed to the privatisation of the public sector to take action.

This action involves organising pickets at Sitel or Teleperformance offices, holding demonstrations against the privatisation of HMRC branches, and contacting them, by whatever means possible (email, telephone, letter…), in order to highlight the opposition to privatisation.

The reason behind this action is the rejection of the 12 month pilot being carried out with private contractors Sitel and Teleperformance to handle calls alongside existing staff at centres in Bathgate and Lillyhall.

HMRC claim that it is simply a way of avoiding the build-up of calls at peak times. However, PCS members believe that what they are doing constitutes an attack on their working conditions.

PCS has been considering the possibility of an investment in HMRC for a while, which would provide a solution to the problem of the calls and avoid further cuts.

Anyone who wishes to contact HM Revenue and Customs can do so by emailing the Chairman, Mike Clasper: or the Acting Director General for Personal Tax, Stephen Banyard:

You can also find your nearest branch via the following link:

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