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Health and safety at work

This is the name given to a workshop by LAWAS – an organization representing Latin American workers who have settled in the United Kingdom – which will take place on Saturday 18th February.

The Asociación de Trabajadores Latinoamericanos (Latin American Workers´ Association – LAWAS) remains true to its principles of searching within the community itself as they believe together the community as a whole has a strong voice to defend their own rights, their dignity and improve the quality of life of the workers.

In order to stand true to this, it will hold its second workshop of the year. On January 28th, a talk took place which focused on labour rights. Among other things everyone was informed of were the reasons for a dismissal, the minimum holiday period or the possibility of paid leave for pregnant women.

This time there will be an introduction to health and safety at work, and some laws and appropriate practical solutions in order to work in a safe environment will be discussed.

It shall in particular highlight the legal obligations of employers regarding health and safety, how to identify hazards, what a risk assessment is, how to report incidents and where to seek help.

The reason for conducting this course is because situations have been found in many workplaces where the physical and mental health and personal safety of workers is put at risk.

Margaret Sharkey, an expert at the London Hazards Centre (LHC) which provides information and training on health and safety for ethnic minorities and unions, will be responsible for the running of this workshop, which is also to be translated into Spanish.

This event will take place on Saturday 18th February from 1pm until 5pm at London South Bank University, Room L123B, London Road Building.

For more information please see LAWAS website.


(Translated by Amanda Flanaghan –

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