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The festival of dangerous ideas

On 17th March a multimedia event will be held, at which some ‘dangerous ideas’ will be put forward, given the failure of the ones in place at the moment, such as the free market economy or privatization.

“On the sixth day of the Syrian army offensive against the city of Homs, forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad have killed at least a hundred people in several attacks in various parts of the city, people from the same province and also other parts of the country, according to the Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC)”…

“At least 75 fatalities and an inexact toll of those injured, although it would be around a thousand, provoked a pitch battle between the supporters of the Al-Masry and Al-Ahly clubs in the city of Port Said, Egypt, at the end of the games played between those teams, in the 17th round of matches in the Egyptian league…”

These are just some of the news items that have been reproduced by different media outlets recently, and are proof of the dangers we are living through in the world today. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a deep global economic crisis, the Euro is disintegrating, the UK is threatening to leave the European Union, and the war in Afghanistan still goes on….

The old ideas have broken down: the free market economy, privatization, imperialism, plutocratic democracy…they are all out of date and out of place.

Therefore, the time has come for ‘dangerous ideas’: for a new future, for revolution, for those who feel ridiculed and marginalised. ‘The Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ is an event which will include, amongst other things, debates, workshops, music, films, and art.

Some dangerous ideas for these dangerous times will be contributed, amongst others, by Tony Benn, Paul Mason, Nina Power, James Meadway, Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Hatherley, John Rees, Neil Faulkner, Joe Glenton, Clare Solomon, Owen Jones, Kate Connelly, Lindsey German, Chris Nineham, Sanum Ghafoor and Chris Bambery.

The event will take place on 17th March from 10am to midnight. It will be at 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA. You can find more information at

(Translated by Matt Dunford – Email:

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