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The poems tell the story

The cultural association “Letra a Letra” will launch the literary anthology’s second edition at the National University of Colombia on Thursday 22nd March.

The successful “Colombia in Colombian Poetry: the poems tell the story”, winner of the Ministry of Culture’s “Literature of the Bicentennial” award 2010, returns to prominence with the launch of its second edition.

The first edition of the anthology achieved great success with an initial printing of a thousand copies and a reprint of another thousand, in addition to the initial, restricted publication of five hundred.

Quite a crowd will be gathered for the launch, including the poets, Juan Manuel Roca, Piedad Bonnett, Guillermo Martínez González and Óscar Torres Duque, and the group will be led by the anthology’s primary researcher, Robinson Quintero.

During the event there will also be a number of tributes, one of which will be to the memory of Colombian poet and journalist, Maria Mercedes Carranza, who the work is dedicated to.

“Colombia in Colombian Poetry” was put together over a period of more than seven years and involved research and classification of the poems, verification with the originals, selection of texts, and further research in order to write the literary and historical notes.

The inclusion of these historical and literary notes as an accompaniment to the poems means that it will serve as a consultation aid to all those involved in the field of education (students, academics, journalists…).

The presentation will take place on 22nd March at 6pm in the Conference Room at the National University of Colombia.

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