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Ay! Hitler

Exhausted come the invading hands, / crushed are the soldier’s eyes,/ his shoes they are full of blood/ that step on the door, Stalingrad.” Pablo Neruda in “New love song to Stalingrad”.

Armando Orozco Tovar

It is time for me to move in on the subject. This is because I have seen it several times in a dream. Yes, it is an old story, as old as me. But I know that it is becoming recurrent for me when it appears. I see it ever Sunday on the Dominican TV channel where they love to tell us: “Heroes are different people”.

And that the Nazis in this stricken city were heroes, but on the side of evil. Born of a doctrine thought up to exterminate human beings, never, as someone once said, imagined by reason created by monsters.

The documentary, comments and opinions of people who were supposed protagonists, surreptitiously attempts to make you believe that the bad guys were good, and the defenders of the most heroic city in history since Troy were the bad guys. I sincerely believe that this is a deliberate reversal of true horror.

In Stalingrad the challengers spoke t o each other from across the trenches. In their different languages they insulted each other, that is how close they were: Russian, German, Romania, Polish, Spanish… Making a most sordid Babel for the deaf where all they had was their voice and boots for guns. You could even hear the other side breathing. They listened to their nightmarish dreams in different languages.

The truth is that these heroes in the documentary were trapped in the snow, known metaphorically as “The Pale” that together with the

thousands of Red Army soldiers, played a key role in defeating the Nazi Brown Shirt Faction, as if the deaths were of colours. The most prepared in the world, just like the United States military today.

It was technically and scientifically a perfect military strategy used to slaughter whole populations, just as their ancestors today are equipped with satellite technology and nuclear bombs. Proving that not much has changed in seventy years, only the tools used, that with it: “General Winter”, will be a future metaphor of Nothingness.

In Stalingrad, the Soviet city written about by one of the great poets of an infamous century, was fought like never before over months.

Every day face to face, as well as with bayonets, swords, axes, and biting, but “the bad guys” in the film are blessed with better teeth: the “teeth of the proleteriate”.

The current Pentagon Nazi filmmakers are today trying to prove with all kinds of arguments that Hitler’s people had better footwear of their fangs.

And it is the world that has turned upside down: “The Falkland Islands are coveted by colonial Argentina. The British monarchy are their liberators”. “Hugo Chaves, North Korea and Evo Morales, cold blooded tyrants, with their Neoliberalism and blood sucking banks defending (or altering?) Human Rights.”  Everything in this ‘postmodern dump’, has gone bottoms up like the Spanish song by José Agustín Goytisolo that says: “Once upon a time/ the was a good wolf/ who mistreated/ all the lambs.”

The ideologues of a savage capitalism try to convince the ignorant people of this world, people who lost 25 million of their own at the hand of the Nazis, that they are to blame.

More than a million men were made available to the Soviet government to fight against German forces, in this way they could surround and destroy them unit by unit after long periods of combat. Like the journalist Alan Clark said in an article about Stalingrad: “This battle had its closest parallel in the meat grinder of Falkenhayn at Verdun during the First World War”.

In this story it is the same human horror. Today we do not say that Von Paulus’ German Army was good (good for killing), and that it was the only thing that could defeat the extreme cruelty of the barbarous Soviets. Hitler made mistakes, little by little, from the very beginning of Stalingrad.

And although when his army arrived at this heroic city, that had already defeated the Nazis and killed many people across the immense Soviet territory, it was all for nothing. Because it doesn’t mean anything to the Nazis of today who continue with their misdeeds across the world like their cousins, b ecause in the end they will vanquish the towns in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq… and maybe even Iran will bury them if it is attacked by Israel. They will be on the world’s ashes with their swastika of twisted sticks and their famous greeting.

Translated by Grace Essex (

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