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The dark side to Welfare Reform in Wales

The changes being introduced by the English government and how they affect Wales will be discussed on 19 April.


The British government is introducing the most drastic changes to welfare that have been seen for many years.

And Wales will suffer more than the rest of the United Kingdom, with one in four people affected by the reforms.

In fact there will be changes to housing benefit, as well as to the allowances for job seekers and disabled persons.

This issue will be discussed at a press conference in mid-April, which will give interested parties the opportunity to find out more about these changes, how they will be implemented and the effect they will have on Welsh citizens.

Representatives from the Department for Work and Pensions, as well as members of third sector organisations and other local leaders, will speak at the event.

The conference is sponsored by the “Bevan” foundation, a charitable organisation working for social justice in Wales. It looks for solutions to poverty and social exclusion.

It will take place on 19 April from 9.30am-4.30pm at Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cyncoed Campus).

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