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Finland: a Nazi-fascist sarcasm

“If every foreigner was obligated to wear a symbol of their ethnic origin, the police would be able to see upon first glance that ’this is a Muslim from Somalia’ or that ’this is a beggar from Romania’.”

Carlos Vidales, Stockholm

This is what Finnish journalist, Helena Eronen, published in her blog for Uusi Suomis; representative of the True Finns party, of Nazi-fascist orientation.

Eronen adds: “Muslims could wear the symbol of a half moon, Russians, the hammer and sickle, Cambodians, a landmine and North Americans, a hamburger”.

She adds that the Swedish-Finns (large traditional social group due to Finland being a part of Sweden until 1810) should also wear symbols, as ‘the sexual minority’ in order to make light work for the police.

Helena Eronen is assistant to Finnish MP James Hirvisaari, of the True Finns Party

Her proposal of establishing different brands for citizens’ various ethnic identities and sexual orientations is an exact copy of the rule set forth by the Nazis of the Third Reich in the 1930s.

Helena Eronen’s proposal has provoked intense debate and angry reactions in Finland.

Interviewed by the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the extreme right Finn states that it was all a ‘bad joke’ and that her intention was to make a ‘sarcastic’ note.

However, some of the democratic and left-wing party’s spokesmen and women argue that it doesn’t make sense that a representative of the True Finns Party would publish a sarcastic commentary against the principles of her own Party and in the official Party blog.

The newspaper Uusi Suomi, in whose website Eronen’s blog is published, removed this ‘sarcastic’ Nazi fascist text, but the neo-Nazi MP James Hirvisaari, Eronen’s boss, reprinted the text in another blog arguing that “any person could understand that Helena’s text is full of satire”.

But the nature of ‘satire’ and ‘sarcasm’ is revealed correctly when we’re reminded that the True Finns Party proposed that the ID card of non-Finns be a different colour to those of the ‘true Finns’.

The Swedish journalist Andreas Rolfer, of Stockholm’s Dagens Nyheter, states that his newspaper tried to contact the neo-Nazi MP James Hirvisaari but to no avail.

This incident demonstrates one of the European neo-Nazis favourite tactics: proposing extreme ideas with the intention of measuring the public reaction and attracting radical elements and ultra-nationalists for the organisation of their shock troops.

The Finnish neo-Nazis find themselves on the offensive: The True Finns Youth Union has recently demanded the abolition of Swedish-Finnish bilingualism of the national Constitution (approximately 6% of the population are natively Swedish-speaking).

At the same time, ecological MPs have denounced the True Finns Party representatives for making  constant and aggressive harassments against a Sami MP due to his distinct Lapp accent.

An apparently inoffensive piece of news comes in a worrying context: A science-fiction film is in the making which describes the existence of a Nazi force on the moon, where they have taken refuge and are preparing for the return of the leaders of the Third Reich. The film has been financed by individual donations (it seems, lots) and has awoken a great enthusiasm amongst Finland’s neo-Nazis.

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