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Photography exhibition featuring sex workers

The exhibition, which opens on Thursday 3rd of May, raises the issue of the rights of the women employed in the sector.


Looking in, looking out” is the title of the exhibition, by journalist and photographer Vera Rodríguez. It features photos taken in the red-light district of Antwerp, Belgium, where, as in Holland, women display themselves in shop windows.

Some excellent photos have been produced through the play between colour, light and perspective, and these are accompanied by an audio installation in which one can hear voices from those involved in the various levels of the sex industry.

The same day will also see the launch of a manual for those employed in the industry: “Know your rights: an a-z for sex workers”.

This comes following a rise in the number of people working in the sector, as budget cuts across the housing and benefit systems and other vital resources leave more people with no alternative.

The guide to the laws on prostitution will help sex workers to better protect themselves from violence and criminalisation, and will serve to make the general public conscious of the unfair laws passed in their name.

The two activities are organised by the English Collective of Prostitutes, an organisation that has fought since 1975 to abolish the laws on prostitution, which criminalise sex workers and their families.

The event is supported by Black Women’s Rape Action Project, GMB Sex Workers branch, Legal Action for Women, Safety First, Sex Workers Open University, Single Mothers’ Self-Defence, QueerStrike and Women Against Rape.

It will take place on Thursday 3rd of May from 7 – 9pm, at the Crossroads Women’s Centre (25 Wolsely Mews, Kentish Town, NW5 2DX). The exhibition will run for two weeks.

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