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“Cocaine Unwrapped” comes to London

The 16th of May marks the premier of a documentary about the human cost of one of the most popular drugs on the streets of London.


The documentary “Cocaine Unwrapped” tells the story of the drug from production to final consumption, the cost of war against drugs, and the damage which current drug policies are causing.

It is an introduction to the drug, which originates from countries such as Colombia and Bolivia, passing through Mexico and Ecuador on the way to its final consumption in the United States and Great Britain.

Personal stories also play a role in the documentary, such as the case of a Colombian farmer whose only livelihood has been destroyed by fumigation aeroplanes, or the woman who began to smuggle drugs to earn a bit of money with which to feed and educate her daughter – and ended up in jail.

Several statistics shown in the documentary are surprising: 6,000 million dollars have been spent in Colombia in the fight against drugs, 35 thousand people have died in Mexico due to related issues and 500 thousand people are in prison in America because of it.

The director of the documentary, Rachel Seifert, has stated that she decided to make the documentary because she has always had an interest in drugs and the glamour with which they are associated, especially cocaine. The other main reason which led her to this journey was her fascination with policy measures on drugs (for instance, corruption and foreign policies).

The screening, which will have a discussion panel featuring, among others, Mauricio Rodríguez, the Colombian Ambassador in the United Kingdom, will be preceded by a campaign which aims to show cocaine users, and the whole of British society, the effects their habit has on the lives of those who are hooked on the destructive trade.

The screening will take place on Wednesday 16th May at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square, from 8 –10pm. For more information phone Claudia Márquez on 02078455853/58 or 07886 580 716. Admittance is free.

(Translated by Emma O’Toole)

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