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“Colombiage”, a real space for art and culture

This traditional event in the UK, created by Landa Acevedo-Scott, is preparing to celebrate the beginning of its 2012 season.


The most important celebration of Colombian art and culture once again returns to the United Kingdom. “Colombiage” was first launched in 2007, designed to demonstrate the diversity of Colombian culture to the world, and to create a platform for cultural exchange between these two nations.

The idea was developed by the Colombian, Landa Acevedo-Scott while she was working at the Barbican Centre in London. Despite having a more commercial-based role at the centre, Acevedo-Scott decided to apply her business knowledge in cultural circles.

At the time she was immersed in a project centred on the Brazilian Troplicalista music movement of the 1960s, lead by Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, that included organising three months of music, theatre, dance, film and seminars.

It was through her involvement in this Brazilian project that Acevedo-Scott decided to do something similar with her own country: Colombia.

Inspired by collage – a hobby practised in her free time – Acevedo-Scott created the term “Colombiage”: a mix of music, literature and film that gives everyone an opportunity to bring together parts of the things that they enjoy, and create something wonderful. It is a collage of artistic disciplines, cultures and also audiences.

Through the festival, Acevedo-Scott had intended to reconnect with her roots, which she had never abandoned, but due to her living situation had been distanced from for some time.

The festival in 2012

This year “Colombiage” returns and  the first event of the season is a concert by Frente Cumbiero from Bogotá. A group that is leading the way with modern Cumbia – a traditional style of Colombian dance and music – that has participated in projects in a number of countries including Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, France and Holland.

Once again, “Colombiage” will give Colombian artists a chance share their work with British audiences. Frente Cumbiero will be another new group performing in the United Kingdom thanks to the “Colombiage” initiative.

The performance is on Thursday 31st May in Brixton JAMM (261 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6LH). Entry is £8 pre-booked and £10 on the door.

The “Hay festival” will celebrate its 25th year this summer, with an exciting programme full of writers and thinkers. Frente Cumbiero will also play here on the 2nd of June.

Also, the Latin-music festival “La Linea” had a brilliant opening last week with a performance by Roberto Pla, information on future performances can be found online:

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