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“Young FotogrArtists” Photography

It’s a workshop organised by the Colombian General Consulate that all youngsters from this country between the ages of 14 and 19 can take part in.


This first workshop will try to examine London’s Young Colombians’ visual culture. At the beginning of the course they will receive – and will later have to return – a camera and a black and white roll.

The workshop consists of several stages where they will alternate theory and practice. The first stage will be theory and will take place 5 May.

During this session, the participants will learn how to use an analogue camera and also different aspects of photography: its definitions, discipline, origins, the use of light, composition and perspective. After this, the next two Saturdays (12 and 19 May) they will try to put into practice  the knowledge acquired during the first stage and  will be invited to experiment with more photographic variants.

The following week (26 May) they will learn the developing techniques – how to use the fixative, the developer’s bases of use and the developing time – because  digital cameras have no presence in this course.

Subsequently, the participants will choose their favourite photo, although it should show as many techniques learnt from the beginning as possible. This photograph will be enlarged and framed for the exhibition.

An exhibition  will close the workshop on 23 June at the Colombian Consulate and  will be open to the participants’ family members and the general public.

All those interested in registering for this free workshop can send an email to stating their name and surname, date and place of birth and contact telephone number.

(Translated by Carina Sala – Email:

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