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Senami to present fairs, conferences and workshops

The London Ecuadorian House has a busy calendar of events planned for the coming fortnight.


Every year, the Ecuadorian government designates a portion of its budget to help Latin-Americans living in London. The money helps fund a variety of initiatives such as organising conferences, staging works of theatre, or indeed any other worthwhile cause.

The grants are managed by the London Ecuadorian House, the country’s base in the UK, with their offices often used as the focal point for these projects. This year, the second half of May will be an exciting time for the Ecuadorian House as they organise a conference and a series of workshops, and participate in the capital’s annual Spring Fair.

Spring Fair

This year marks the 53rd International Spring Fair. One of the largest and most colourful charity fairs in the city, it brings the riches and flavours of around the world to London and is supported by over 100 diplomatic missions. The Spring Fair raises vital funds for the charity Children and Families Across Borders to carry out its unique role in reuniting children and families who have found themselves separated by national borders.

It will take place on Wednesday 16 May from 10am- 5pm at Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX.

Workshop I

‘Event Planning’ is the title of the first workshop focusing on organisational development. Participants will learn some basic principles of how an organisation can effectively reach its targets and meet its obligations to guarantee continuing success.

It will take place on Saturday 19 May from 1-5pm at the London Ecuadorian House, 144-146 Kings Cross Road, London.

Workshop II

The second workshop will centre on the setting up of cooperatives and is organised by ‘El Costurero’ a women’s clothing design company run by Soraya Fernandez.

The event will run on the same day as Workshop I and takes place from 4-7pm, again at the London Ecuadorian House.


The first Meeting of Ecuadorian Entrepreneurs is an initiative organised by SENAMI (Ecuadorian National Secretariat for Migrants) in association with the Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce.

It will be held on Saturday 26 May from 1-5pm at the London Ecuadorian House.

Workshop III

The third event is entitled ‘Creativity Not Violence’ and seeks to use artistic expression to help young people become more globally aware. It is organised by SENAMI in association with the ESFORAL, a Latin-American school based in London and will take place on Saturday 26 May from 5-7pm, again at the London Ecuadorian House, 144-146 Kings Cross Road.

(Translated by Rachel Eadie – Email: racheleadie@hotmail.com)

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