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On Thursday 24th an online seminar will take place on the role of the migrant community in social enterprise.


Technology has made this new method possible: the webinar or web conference.

It is similar to a face to face meeting in that it is possible to interact and share documents.

Consequently, giving a talk no longer means travelling to the location of the conference speaker, but the event can be attended from our house, in front of the computer screen.

In this webinar, entitled “Social Enterprise: An Engine For Social Change? The Migrant Community”, the role of social enterprise will be discussed by working with the migrants and the event will be a way to help them establish new business opportunities.

Some immigrants who have already created a social enterprise will recount their experiences and their cases will be analysed.

After that, Alessio D´Angelo, from Middlesex University, will talk about these examples and about social enterprise. He will also discuss other work related initiatives, social value and political equality.

D’Angelo is a professor of Social Sciences and has been working for several years as an independent advisor for several companies in the third sector. Three years ago, in 2009, he was appointed head of “Business and Community Interaction (BCI)” in the department of Social Sciences, promoting and coordinating activities such as events, evaluations, consultations, knowledge transfer….

D’Angelo is also a member of the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) and of the research group in social enterprises.

In order to run this webinar he has worked with the “Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC)”, that offers businesses in the third sector and policy makers access to research in order to close the gap between research and the third sector.

After this online meeting there will be two more which will also discuss the value of social enterprise in providing opportunities to an entire population that is sometimes neglected or, simply, marginalized: these will be about social enterprise and women, and social enterprise and the elderly.

Those interested in the event should make a note of Thursday 24th from 19:30 to 20:30. For more information go to:

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