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Serenella Sessini- “It’s not true that the English are a cold people”

One of Serenella’s relations encouraged her to come to London and she has been here for just about a year now.


After three and a half years of studying in Cagliari, the city of her birth , 28 year-old Serenelle Sessini moved to the well-known city of Pisa to complete the final two years of university, where she graduated with a History of Art degree in 2009.

Afterwards she worked, still living in the same city, in a few temporary positions such as security guard in the famous Tower of Pisa, before moving to Sofia, Bulgaria.

She left for the Bulgarian capital in order to stay there three months (from November 2010 to February 2011) undertaking an internship related to her studies: she worked as the assistant for a curator who was in charge of organising different expositions and museums.

She comments that her stay coincided with winter. “During this time the people hardly go out because it is too cold”, she says. She discovered a somewhat different society, a change in culture, language and alphabet due to Bulgarian using Cyrillic.

At the end of the internship, she decided to return to Cagliari where she began to learn English because she considered it an important language. However she had not yet thought of going to the UK. It was a cousin of hers who was living there at the time who encouraged her to do so, suggesting that she could find work.

Thus, on 12 May last year the Italian landed in London. She organised it all through an agency that provided accommodation and help with getting job interviews. It was then in this same business that she began working shortly after arrival. She remains at the agency to this day.

The boss got in contact with her and offered her the post of receptionist and admin assistant, where she uses the languages that she speaks. This is because Serenella is able to communicate in Spanish, English and French, as well as, of course, her native Italian.

Despite enjoying her work, she is still looking for something more related to her studies, and admits that it is sculptures and paintings which are her passion.

What better place to work in something related to art than Italy? Sessini is a top enthusiast for Italian culture but believes she can help to export it elsewhere and spread the knowledge to other people.

Also, here she is able to take advantage of practising all the languages she speaks. She states that with English people she only speaks English, because for the majority, it is the only language they speak. “And they make no effort to learn other languages”, she comments.

Nevertheless, she doesn’t have problems with them and assures us that what people say about the English being a cold nation is a prejudice. With respect to the city, she is happy: “It is a multicultural city and the possibilities to find cultural things are infinite: concerts, theatre productions, expositions…”

Already thinking about her future, she is not sure what she will do, although she knows, for a while at least, she will continue practising her languages. Here. In London.

(Written by Javier Duque)  – (Translated by Emma Harris – Email:

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