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Do you have a story to tell?

With this call, young people are invited to narrate their experience as migrants through photographs.


Many people are forced to leave their country and go somewhere else in search of a better future.

And it’s never easy as they don’t know what awaits them in the country of their destination.

It is therefore a fact that there are many young migrants who have experiences, anecdotes and adventures…which deserve to be told.

With this in mind, an initiative has emerged, looking for six people aged between 18-24 who want to talk about their experience of living in London not only through images; they will also have to record audio interviews, as well as design and publish a.

It is expected that those young people will convey the life they lead as migrants but also communicate ideas and opinions they have, divided into cultural, family or music sections.

All participants will be shown how to take photos correctly and those will then be published in a limited edition book.

In addition, the best works will be published online and in print by

This activity will take place every week on Saturday in June (the first group beginning June 9), July and August.

Those interested in participating should send an email with a brief description of themselves and the topic they would like to explore during the project to this address:

(Translated by Sylvia Hoffmann – Email:

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