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More than just football

There are  times when the king of sports breaks down barriers and  serves as a means of political demonstration. This  will be the topic of June 7th.


Sometimes, football and politics join forces. Or they use each other for their own benefit.

An example of this occurred a few weeks ago when the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, threatened not to attend the celebration of the European Football Championship in Ukraine whilst the former leader of the Ukrainian government, Yulia Tymoshenko, remains in prison.

In order to discuss this topic and in more detail,  nationalism and the king of sports, Spanish historian Alejandro Quiroga will lead a talk entitled: “Fury, Underachievement and Success: Narratives of Spanish football”.

Quiroga is a Professor of Modern History at  the University of Newcastle, although he can currently be found in Spain, exploring this topic in more depth.

The contemporary Spanish history and politics specialist will discuss his latest research on Spanish nationalism and football, as well as exploring racial and ethnic conflicts within the sport.

The talk will feature as part of the “¡VAMOS!” Festival, which runs from the 1st of June to the 15th of July with a programme of more than 240 acts honouring both Latin and Lusophone cultures.

The discussion will take place on Thursday 7th June, one day prior to the start of the European Football Championships, at 12.30pm in the Daysh Building, University of Newcastle. Admission is free.

(Translated by Marie-Therese Slorach)

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