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On stage: Afghans after the war

From the theatre company iceandfire, the play“Afghan Monologues” explores the life of citizens almost 11 years after the war. The play tells the true stories of the protagonists.


“We’re all looking for…Every Afghan is looking for something meaningful. When your life doesn’t make sense any more, then you’re basically a drowning man, then you’re looking to hold onto anything that will save you”.

These are the words of Aziz Hakimi, talking about the experiences and suffering that his town has lived through during the war in Afghanistan, which come October will have lasted 11 years.

Hakimi is an Afghan citizen who has worked as a political consultant to the country’s president, Hamid Karzai, and as an advisor on human rights for the United Nations in Pakistan and Afghanistan. His account, as told in“Afghan Monologues”, is a first-hand portrait of citizens’ lives after the war began.

The play, performed by the theatre company iceandfire and directed by Christine Bacon, tells the stories of five eyewitnesses to the war in Afghanistan and is being performed to raise awareness of the consequences of the conflict, which since its beginning has killed almost 9,000 civilians and produced 7,500,000 refugees.

Along side Hakimi, others also sharing their stories include an anonymous Afghan woman and man, Muna and Dr. M respectively; Guy Smallman, a British photojournalist who reports on the struggle and the situation of civilians in the country and Emilie Jelinek, a British woman who worked with the UN in Afghanistan for 7 years.

The play will be performed on Saturday the 9th of June, at 8pm, at St.Peter’s Church, St Peter’s Road, South Croydon. Entrance is free. For more information, please visit this link:

(Translated by Daniela Fetta)

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