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Abel and Colombian history

This event will take place this Tuesday, 12 June, under the title: “Perspectives on the teaching of Colombian History”.


Professor Christopher Abel is a professor at University College London, and specializes in political change, religion, poverty, education and health in Latin America, and in particular, Colombian history.

And it will be him who takes charge of this conference organized by the Anglo Colombian Society. Through the conference he aims to demonstrate to the public the many different elements that have run through and come to compose Colombian history.

The history of the Church, for example, has been an important issue due to the power it has been able to exert when it comes to influencing political decisions. There were times in Colombia when for the Church, the president posed no threat whatsoever, given that no political representative could permit himself the luxury of repeatedly criticizing the ecclesiastical powers.

The president would reaffirm his secondary role to the church, when addressing secular society. This partial subjection of the state to the Church was reflected in the political vocabulary of the time: the rhetoric of the priests and of the politicians was intermingled in its content, composition and expression.

This topic, along with several others just as interesting relating to events throughout Colombian history, will be addressed by Professor Abel in his conference, at which there will be a glass of wine on offer beforehand.

The talk will take place this Thursday, 12 June at 6.30pm at Canning House (2 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PJ). Further information is available at:

(Translated by Thomas Wright)

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