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Putting an end on stereotypes

The audio book “Sounds and Colours present Colombia” wants to offer a new vision on the country’s culture, leaving behind preconceived ideas.


The publishing of the book “Sounds and Colours present Colombia”, which will be accompanied by a CD, wants to offer an overview on the country’s current bubbly cultural scene in a fresh way and without stereotypes or prejudices.

The cultural magazine Sounds and Colours is publishing this book, which will be launched in the summer, and that will cover subjects such as Colombian music, culture, cinema and the arts, among others.

The music articles will include reviews on well known music genres such as Cumbia, Pacific Music, Salsa, Vallenato, although they will also introduce other lesser known native rhythms. The book also covers Colombia’s current musical scene and how the country’s sounds have influenced many artists all over the world.

Some of the artists that have been interviewed for the book are Hugo Candelario, Mario Galeano from the label Frente Cumbiero, Simon Mejía from Bomba Estéreo, Lucas Silva from Palenque Records or Héctor Buitrago from Aterciopelados, amongst many others.

The book will come with a CD containing a selection of the country’s best new wave of music from the record label Movimientos, so that the listeners can feel the music as if they were in Colombia.

Also, the book will also cover the country’s active film scene and will include articles on characters that have excelled in the cultural arena such as Circo Para Todos, the country’s circus that is renowned worldwide.

Together with all this, other sections of the book will also focus on introducing themes such as the country’s indigenous culture, Barranquilla’s carnival, or a chapter on the country’s alternative holiday destinations.

The authors of the book are writers from the magazine Sounds and Colour. Moreover, to accompany their texts, Colombian artists have cooperated by creating the pictures and the artistic works.

To carry out the publishing of “Sounds and Colours Presents Colombia” the organisers are carrying out a crowdsourcing initiative to raise funds through the website Indiegogo.

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