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Cumbia from its essence

The English producer Will Holland aka Quantic and the Colombian musician Mario Galeano have created Ondatrópica, a group in which they bring together legends and new musicians from the tropical sound. They will be performing on 20th July in London.


Looking beyond traditional cumbia in order to convert it into a new contemporary sound. This is what motivated the English producer Will Holland aka Quantic and the Colombian musician Mario Galeano to create Ondatrópica, a project in which they have united respected musicians from the golden age of cumbia and new interpreters reinventing the rules of this sound.

They propose to give new life to this music but without renouncing the traditional sound of cumbia, without erasing its roots or the standards of quality that were born in the great period of cumbia fostered under the record label Discos Fuentes in the city of Medellin.

Under these premises, the Colombian musician and the English producer have succeeded in bringing together some of the country’s most important musicians and visionaries from the sixties, seventies and eighties such as the saxophonist Michi Sarmiento, the percussionist Wilson Viveros and the flute player Pedro ‘Ramaya’ Beltran.

They will unite their sounds with young tropicalists giving their own vision of cumbia such as the singerNidia Góngora and the percussionist Chongo.

The result will be a new sound which the musicians have been working on for seven months in Colombia, creating and reinventing scores which will be performed for the first time at a concert in London at which well known musicians from the history of Colombian music will be participating.

The organization defines this meeting as “a project without precedent in the recent history of national music, laying the ground for a return to the standards of sound and musical quality that in previous decades placed Colombian music as one of the most influential in the continent”.

Ondatrópica will perform on 20th July at 20.30 in Hackney Empire, 291 Mare Street, London.

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