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Latin American Carnival to take place in Nottingham

On the 22nd of June, the “Night of Festivals 2012: Carnaval Day” will be held in honour of carnavals from the continent.


Some of the most well renowned carnivals in the world are celebrated in South America. To pay tribute to this celebration, Nottingham’s Old Market Square will welcome the Night of Festivals 2012: Carnaval Day on the 22nd of June, which will come together in a night of events associated with this traditional festival.

During the day-long event, artists from the most famous carnival in the world,  the Rio de Janeiro carnival in Brazil, will participate alongside Samba dancers, six international bands and Latin music singers.

Although the focal point of the day will be the carnival, with the support of outstanding performances from the groups Mandinga Arts and Paraiso Samba, the event will also have the unique presence of the Haitian group Rara, who are coming to the UK for the first time to play their horn and percussion music.

Along with performances of music and dance, the event will also bring together artists from all over the world, to present their work at the festival day.

For example the Haitian sculptors Atis Rezistans will display their work next to various projections of art film and independent cinema by artists selected from across the planet.

According to the organisers, the event’s objective is to entertain, enlighten, stimulate and surprise, in a night of “global carnaval and art”. The event will take place on the 22nd of June from 11 AM to 11.30 PM in Nottingham’s Old Market Square.

For more information visit: www.artreach.biz/night-of-festivals-in-london-2012-festival/

(Translated by Samuel Atkinson)

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