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The Latin spirit in the Olympics

The “Latidos” festival, showcasing Latin America’s rich culture, is inspired by the Olympic atmosphere.


Viridiana Ramírez

As a multicultural hub, London has always allowed the world’s artistic, literary, musical and gastronomic delights to flourish. This year will also feature sports, courtesy of the Olympic Games, which are being held from 27th July until 12th August 2012.

Around 880,000 guests are expected to attend the Games, all of whom are hoping for a traditional, festive atmosphere.

Consequently, the city is preparing a number of enriching festivities during the Olympic activities, such as the “Latidos” festival, due to take place on 29th July from 3 PM to 10 PM., developed by ExpressArte, an organization directed by Alejandra Cuesta.

The first block of the “Latidos” festival starts at 3:00 PM and will feature sporting personalities and artists from Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Cuba and Brazil, through dance schools, modern dance and zumba, as well as visual arts, performances, workshops and culinary and craft exhibitions.

The  “Latidos” festival will celebrate Colombia’s Independence Day, with appearances from internationally renowned original bands.

The festival will take place at “Las Noches” Club, located at 361-375 Stratford High Street, London and should finish at 10 PM.

Organizers have created a link on Facebook, allowing the public to comment on the event and share their artistic projects:,

(Translated by Marie-Thérèse Slorach)

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