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Goals for Gaza

The Irish Islamic Foundation, in association with other collectives, has organised a football tournament, which will take place on 30 June, to raise funds for the children of Gaza.


Ana M. Badía

The tensions between Israel and Hamas over the Gaza Strip are still very much alive.

After the continual making and breaking of truces, the armed conflict continues in a territory that the Palestinians reclaimed as their own after Israel abandoned it in 2005, in an attempt at peace that didn’t even last three years.

The cuts in supplies, including fuel, lead many Palestinians to reconsider the efficacy of the aforementioned truce.

In the end, Israel’s retreat didn’t amount to anything but the beginning of a new war, one that added to the economic repression and scarcity of resources.

Subsequently, the uprisings began again with attacks from Hamas in the south of Israel, a country that with greater economic power and international support. Isreal still controls the airspace over the Gaza Strip, therefore maritime and overland routes leading to the territory are vital.

To combat an ongoing conflict of 50 years with the intention of aiding the children that suffer daily from attacks, numerous associations work to keep the Palestinian issue from being forgotten.

The Irish Islamic Foundation offers a new activity for this coming 30 June: Goals for Gaza will take place on the day prior to the final of Euro 2012, and hopes to be an event where one will talk of football and fight for a good cause.

The occasion will consist of a 5-a-side tournament that will take place on Saturday 30 June at Sundrive Park, Crumlin, from 2pm.

The Irish Islamic Foundation’s initiative is in support of children and its objective is to connect foreign individuals from all communities through sport.

Goals for Gaza has been planned with the intention of bringing together the families, friends and those associated with its objective.

With a donation starting from €20 for a team of 5, the participants will be able to enjoy a sporting competition on an Astroturf field in Sundrive Park, where the sport will be accompanied by different activities aimed at the younger guests, such as face painting and creative games.

In Crumlin, music and food have also been planned. “Anyone who wishes to is welcome to share something from their culture and culinary repertoire”, encourage the organisers, who hope that the event will become an authentic cultural exchange.

It is supported by “People Before Profit Alliance”, la “Anti-Racist Network”, el “Irish anti-War movement”, “Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign” y el “Canal Communities Integration Center”, “Dublin City council”, “Islamic Foundation of Ireland”.

For bookings contact: Tina 086 871 5293 / Kate 087 132 4115

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