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Connecting London and Rio de Janeiro

From the 6th of July to the 4th of August, the streets of London will be taken over by Brazilian artists as part of  the Rio Occupation Festival.


More than 30 groundbreaking artists from Rio de Janeiro’s art scene will take over London’s streets, venues and stages during the Rio Occupation London festival this summer.

The Brazilian artists will perform alongside local London artists in a variety of innovating performances, allowing the audience to see London in a different light.

The performances will be held in regular arts venues as well as other spaces in the city, creating a unique dialogue between the artists and audience, who will enjoy the shows in innovative settings.

Apart from live performances, Brazilian cinema will also have a space in the festival.

V22 Summer Club in Bermondsey will show some of the most acclaimed contemporary Brazilian films.

The festival will have a grand finale that will bring together all of the performing artists, both Brazilian and Londoners, in acts where the organisers suggest the audience to “expect the unexpected”.

The festival is being organised by the Cultural and State Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro. All performances are free and will be held across the city.

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(Translated by David Buchanan)

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