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‘Cuban Voices’ to be heard in London

Santiago de Cuba’s acclaimed choir Camerata Vocal Música Áurea will give their only London performance on 10th July.


Santiago de Cuba has produced some of the greatest and best-known choirs in the world. The city has a long tradition of choirs, and it is here that the vocal group Camerata Vocal Música Áurea was formed.

The acclaimed 15-piece group is considered an innovator in the field of choral music, not only in terms of the quality of the singers’ voices, but more importantly in terms of their repertoire, which includes modern and contemporary music from all over the world.

In addition to this unique assortment of modern music, the choir also performs everything from Renaissance music to traditional Cuban rhythms. Indeed, critics have praised the group for their “quality, genius and empathy” in their performance of traditional musical genres such as Spanish, French, Italian and English Renaissance polyphony, German Lieder and Cuban boleros.

Among the pieces that usually feature in their repertoire are those by composers such as Monteverdi, Mozart, Bach, Mendelssohn, Ravel or Rimsky-Korsakov, as well as Cuban composers like Roberto Valera.

Camerata Vocal Música Áurea was the brainchild of the group’s choirmaster, Delvis Sánchez Suárez, who founded the choir in February 2002. Since then, their concerts have demonstrated the group’s excellent command of its singers’ vocal skills and talent for putting on a great show.

The group will give its only London performance on 10th July at 7pm at the Bolivar Hall in London.

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