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Discover the Charango

The musician and researcher Julio Mendivil will play and talk about the instrument and the songs he has created on it during a conference on July 12th.


Julio Mendivil has focused his career on the analysis and study of the sounds of the Andean world, particularly the traditional stringed instruments of the region.

The musician, composer and researcher at the University of Hannover, plays the charango and in his songs he offers a contemporary view of this traditional stringed instrument from the central region of the Andean Cordillera of which he is an expert.

His songs embrace diverse musical styles from Peru and Bolivia as well as the sounds of the different types of charango and other instruments of the region like the bandurria or mandolin. All this musical imagination was reflected on his first CD entitled “Charango”, just like the instrument.

As an expert on the region and its sounds, Mendivil will deliver a conference “(Hi) stories of the Andean Charango” which will examine the history of this and other instruments since their arrival in the hands of the conquerors to their insertion in contemporary mythology of the indigenous peoples.

The musician will give a talk and will perform on July 12th at the University of Newcastle, in

Claremont Road, at 12.30 pm.

To find out more visit: http://www.vamosfestival.com/programme/2012/histories-of-the-andean-charango

(Translated by Sylvia Hoffmann – Email: sylviahoffmann.spanish@gmail.com)

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