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Multicultural London under the lens

The exhibition “The world in London” displays 204 photographs of Londoners that come from all over the world.


Citizens of London are from all over the world. The congregation of different cultures and the celebration of the Olympic Games in the capital have been the reasons for the exhibition- “The World in London”, which will portray the multiple identities of Londoners.

Using 204 photographs of 204 citizens from different nationalities, (the same number of countries that will participate in the Olympics), the display will show us a considerable amount of the different faces of the city.

Additionally, the artistic photographs have been taken by 204 different photographers in order to successfully reflect multiculturalism – not only in the images captured in the photographs, but also in the way they’ve been taken.

The project is the enterprise of The Photographers’ Gallery and its objective is “to celebrate the diversity of London’s population using photographs; the most accessible and democratic artistic medium of our time”.

Some of the snapshots that will be displayed belong to well known artists such as Stephen Shore, Juergen Teller, Mary McCartney or Andres Serrano. In addition, the exhibition also includes emerging photographers in order to give them the opportunity to display their works.

The display “The World in London” can be visited from the 25 July until 12 August 2012.

The photographs are exhibited in Victoria Park, Pickersleigh Road (Malvern). For more information:

(Translated by Emma O’Toole)

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