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Higher Education Scholarships for Ecuadorians

The application period for the scholarships will be open until the 31st August 2012. The funds can be used for overseas studies.


The National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of Ecuador (SENESCYT) has opened the official period to apply for scholarships for graduate and postgraduate studies, masters, doctorates, and postdoctoral research, for Ecuadorian citizens at home and abroad.

Firstly, the scholarships awarded by the “Open Call for Scholarships” program offer help for postgraduate studies: masters, doctorates, and postdoctoral research. Different areas of study at British universities are included in the grants.

Those who are interested should apply via the application form on SENESCYT’s website. They must also apply directly to study at their chosen university and supply supporting documentation of their application.

The second scholarship scheme, “Universities of Excellence,” is also aimed at Ecuadorian citizens at home or abroad who wish to complete graduate or postgraduate studies at the best universities in the world as recognized by SENESCYT.

To receive this kind of scholarship, applicants must hold an acceptance letter from the foreign university at which they wish to enroll. There is no deadline for this particular scholarship application.

The two programs include coverage for the recipient, including living expenses, enrolment, tuition fees, university fees, research and thesis costs, and health insurance. Neither of the programs require subsequent reimbursement of the amounts given in the scholarship.

However, the recipient is required to return to Ecuador once they have completed their studies, for double the amount of time of the length of their study, with the aim of improving the development and talent of its citizens.

Applications for both scholarships can be made at: http://www.senescyt.gob.ec.

For more information on “Open Call for Scholarships,” go to http://www.senescyt.gob.ec/web/240658/101, and for more on scholarships on “Universities of Excellence:” http://www.senescyt.gob.ec/web/240658/23.

(Translated by Amy Carruthers)

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