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Irish against the Household Tax

The successful grassroots movement against payment of austerity taxes imposed by the Irish government is calling for a new demonstration to be held on July 18th.


Over recent years, governments have curtailed the fundamental human rights that society spent many years winning, and although there is a great deal of anger towards governments over this, the majority of people have resigned themselves to the impositions being made on them in the hope it will help to bring an end the current economic crisis.

There are, however, grassroots groups making a stand and refusing to accept austerity as a justification for robbing them of their rights.

Take, for example, the Indignados movement which was first seen in Spain and then spread, in various forms, to the rest of the world. Although it seemed to have a lot of potential, the movement didn’t really achieve any lasting change to policy or governmental attitudes, both of which lean on the middle classes as the driver for recovery.

Now there is a national movement that hopes to effect real change in the policies developed by government to find a way out of the financial crisis. It brings together thousands of Irish citizens who are against the Household Tax, a new levy on residences devised by the government to bring in more money from tax payers.

The Household Tax is a compulsory tax on all residential property owners and it is levied as a flat rate across the board meaning that since the beginning of 2012 every residential property owner has had to pay €100 to continue to live in their dwelling.

The Campaign Against Household and Water Tax is bringing together thousands of citizens who are refusing to pay these taxes because they believe them to be unfair and because they don’t want to carry on being the only victims of a failed state.

So that the government can see for itself the strength of the movement and to demonstrate that “the population is not willing to pay unfair taxes”, the campaign has organised a nationwide protest for July 18th at 5pm at the Central Bank on Dame Street, Dublin.

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(Translation by Viv Griffiths)

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