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“Carnaval del Pueblo”, 14 years celebrating Latin America

This event, the most important of its kind in London and all of Europe, will take place on 18th August after last year’s event was cancelled due to logistical problems.


The Carnaval del Pueblo started fourteen years ago to celebrate the strength of the Latin American community. An event that is not only about having fun and partying, it is also a recognition of the continent’s values, such as the strong social community relationships with family and friends, and how these relationships contribute to our well-being.

Or the importance of conserving the elements that make up the cultures of the different people and countries of the world and the teaching of new generations so that they may preserve those cultures.

This event is considered to be the biggest and most authentic celebration of the Latin American culture in Europe. A celebration which, year after year, has grown to become an important date in the London cultural calendar, on par with Notting Hill Carnival.

After last year’s event was cancelled due to logistical problems – it was not possible to find a suitable place to hold it due to building works at its usual venue –  the Carnaval del Pueblo will return this year in a new venue and with double the strength to compensate for the previous year.

You will be able to enjoy all the colours, tastes and sounds of Latin American countries in various ways on the day.

From traditional regional cuisines that will be on offer, music from all corners of Latin America, cultural expressions through traditional costumes, to floats, parade banners and most importantly the people themselves.

The Carnaval del Pueblo is one of the few opportunities to see characteristics from carnivals from Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Columbia, Ecuador and many more, fused together, in London.


The programme designed by the organisation for this year focuses on enjoying the musical traditions of Latin America, represented by as the rhythms of salsa, merengue, samba and cumbia.

In this edition of the Carnaval del Pueblo, the Dominican artist Fulanito will be making an appearance, well-known for mixing the sound of traditional merengue and bachata with other styles like reggaeton or hip-hop, creating new sounds.

With more than two million albums sold all over the world, Fulanito will bring a musical and dancing show with some of his most famous songs such as “Guayando”, “La novela” and “El cepillo”, amongst others.

Amongst the other artists, there will also be the Columbian singer-songwriter, drummer, “cañamillero” (player of a type of wind instrument made from the cane of millo) and piper Tato Marenco together with Vía 40. His repertoire will include music inspired from the Caribbean and the Columbian coast.

This professor of folk, child of the inspiration of Joe Arroyo and Toto la Momposina, with whom he has worked, and from whom he has extracted the essence of his music, continues his musical dreams.

And lastly, they will be followed by the winners of best Latin band, Fuerza Vallenata, the most-well known Columbian group of cumbia and vallenato in the UK.

Facts and figures

It is estimated that around 100,000 people will attend the Carnaval. Amongst these, 68% will be British and European visitors and 30% Latin attendants.

The economic impact that the Carnaval del Pueblo generates in the city is calculated to be around £4 million.

This year, the celebration will change its location and will take place in the London Pleasure Gardens, London. This new venue will play a key role in the cultural activities that have been organised leading up to the Olympic Games.

The carnival will take place on 18th August from 12:00 until 23:00.

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