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Latidos: Latin America comes to the Games

Latidos Festival, taking place on 29 July, will bring together prominent representatives from Latin America’s worlds of music, art and dance in a cultural event that will celebrate the continent’s diversity and sporting achievements.


Latin American culture as a source of inspiration, joy and passion: this is how the organisers of Latidos Festival conceive of the continent’s art and tradition, and the reason why they want them on display in London as part of the Olympic celebrations.

To achieve this, Latidos Festival is one event that will bring together musicians, authors, artists and dancers to embody the spirit of the region.

Likewise, and in order to celebrate the competition of the Olympics, some of Latin America’s the most distinguished athletes will be in attendance to commemorate, additionally, the sporting achievements of the Latin countries.

All this is to be accompanied by the warm atmosphere of the continent through its food and drink, and family workshops and activities.

According to the organisation, the festival ‘will be full of cultural interaction through the combination of tradition, excellence, enjoyment, international flavours and, as the key ingredient, the Latin American people.


The renowned international salsa band Sonora La Calle is to arrive from Cuba and will bring the rhythms of Havana’s streets to London Town.

Also appearing is the Argentinean musician Martin Alvarado, described as ‘the next Carlos Gardel’. The artist, who is considered one of the country’s greatest singers, will perform his repertoire of tangos accompanied by his powerful tenor voice.

The Peruvian group Manos Negras will also be in attendance with their own brand of powerful and infectious music which reveals their cultural inheritance and the musical tradition of their country.

The festival’s musical offerings will close with a performance by the Colombian Robin del Castillo and his orchestra, composed of several well-known local musicians. His performance will be accompanied by an act from the traditional dance group Raíces.

Art and Dance

Likewise, the festival is also seen as a showcase of the community’s visual artists. In the programme of art, works by José Santos and Ron Machete will be exhibited.

As well as appreciating the continent’s visual art, attendees will be able to enjoy dance acts by Tropicalia, the spectacular Brazilian carnival band.

Acts from Bolivia include Sumaj Pacha, Folkloric Ballet Semillas de Bolivia, Morenada Intocable, and Folkloric Ballet Pujllay. From Mexico we have México Querido, a mix of dancers from the region accompanied by Mariachi Mexteca.

The event is organised by ExpressArte, a commercial supplier of Latin American arts, culture and entertainment, and Dígame Arts, one of the oldest providers of Latin American events dedicated to promoting the work and efforts of UK-based artists.

Latidos Festival will take place next Sunday, July 29, from 2:30 pm to midgnight at Shaka Zulu: Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AB. Entry is free for children under twelve and only +18 after 9:00 pm.

Ten percent of profits raised from this event will go towards the Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organisation (IRMO) and the Movement for International Solidarity and Cooperation SIKANDA, which combats poverty and promotes human and social rights.

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