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Syria, still unstable

The “Stop the War coalition” is organising a series of events in the U.K. that aim to raise awareness and rally support in their attempt to stop an intervention in Syria.


On July the 9th this year, Kofi Annan met with Bashar Assad in a new attempt to stop the violence in Syria. The agreement seemed stronger than ever, but according to “Stop the War Coalition”, it did little or nothing to change the situation. A transition government is yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, Syria and Turkey continue their push and pull. The Turkish border has become a potentially dangerous point, with Syrian opposition fighters and Turkish troops on each side. The escalating conflict could potentially explode into a war.

The weapons supplied by Qatar, the support of the West and the arrival of the CIA, reflect the difficult situation of a threatened country with a president that will not yield.


According to a “Stop the War Coalition” release, “The United States has doubled its number of mine-searching ships and established fighter jets in fear that Iran will try to close the Hormuz straight, in retaliation to European Union sanctions over oil”.

The Coalition assures that a Middle Eastern war is on its way to soon becoming a reality.

Imperialist wars

Sociologist Sami Ramadani published in The Guardian that the world is currently assisting in creating a new era of imperialist wars over the last 10 years. He named it a “change of regime through sectarian war”.

Sami Ramadani

Aiming to stop such acts and looking for solutions and fairness, “Stop the War Coalition” is organising a series of events in the U.K.

“The problems are complex, but most British people are firmly against a situation like Iraq”, said the Coalition.

The group is opening its doors to anyone who is interested in organising a meeting in their area. It is everyone’s fight.

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