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A celebration of happiness

J-23 Manchester Love-a-Thon!” presents a journey of happiness to face those years of uncertainty and sadness.

Recently, in the news headlines, in conversations, in literature and in peoples attitudes, pessimism and despondency are finding their way into peoples imaginations and perceptions and it is becoming even more difficult to face this complex time.

To try to see the positive side and celebrate every day, the event “J-23 Manchester Love-a-Thon!” invites everyone to participate in a large street party celebrating happiness in Manchester.

After the success of the organisation of similar events last year, the event wants to unite everyone on this day to make it the biggest party celebrating happiness up to now.

The aim of this party will be to celebrate a day to remember, where the citizens put aside their differences and what separates them to celebrate life under the slogan “Let’s make it big. Let’s make it loud. Let’s make love”.

In addition, there will be hugs, flowers, music, fruit, sweets, fancy dress, cameras and anything else that the participants want to bring to make themselves and others happy.

The organisers encourage people of all ages to attend including babies, children, adults and senior citizens to form part of this union in defence of happiness, which is such a necessary and long-awaited feeling.

The event will take place in the streets of Manchester and it is scheduled to begin at 1pm at the Queen Victoria statue in Piccadilly Gardens M60 1HX.

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(Translated by Suzanne Elman)

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