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Marching for a future for workers

There is a call to take to the streets of London on 20th October in a mass demonstration to demand the need for the government to change its course.


In its austerity plan, the British government continues to implement a series of public spending cuts, which could cause permanent damage to the whole welfare state.

Under the pretext of reducing the financial deficit in the UK within four years, Cameron’s government is using these measures as an excuse to weaken the public system.

Thus, public services, the educational system, pensions and the National Health Service (NHS) are facing serious problems.

This is coupled with the inability of Labour to find  alternatives to the financial problems of the country that would not harm the underprivileged. For these reasons , unions are mounting  a campaign of resistance, and this time they want to be heard louder than ever.

Under the slogan “A future that works” and organized by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), the demonstration will go through central London culminating in a rally in Hyde Park.

This time a much greater participation is expected than in that of an earlier demonstration held on March 26, 2011, which attracted 500,000 people.

The organisers are therefore expecting “a great mass of people who want a future that works.With the U.S. and France having opted for the alternative, it is time that the United Kingdom also changes course.” With these words, Brendan Barber, TUC general secretary calls the people to join the fight against the government’s actions that are causing so much harm to the British population. To join the march visit:

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