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Waltham Forest rallies against racist movement

The London community of Waltham Forest has planned a demonstration on the 18th August against a march by the English Defence League (EDL) in the area.


The people of Waltham Forest value their multicultural community, which is why they will demonstrate against the march planned by the racist and xenophobic organisation English Defence League (EDL) to take place in Walthamstow.

“We will not tolerate their hate-driven politics in our streets”, the community of Waltham Forest has stated. Waltham Forest wants to emulate Tower Hamlets’ success last year, when the community came together to prevent the group from marching.

The EDL is a racist and fascist organisation that attacks people of Asian and Muslim origin.

In the last two years, the EDL has held a great number of demonstrations throughout the country, where they have laid waste to towns, attacked mosques, businesses and individual people of different races and nationalities. And more recently they have begun to attack peaceful demonstrations, trade union and multicultural meetings as well as businesses.

Their leader Tommy Robinson, who has been sentenced a number of times for violent conduct, even appeared on a recent Channel 4 programme praising Anders Breivik, the neo-fascist terrorist responsible for the killing of 76 people in Norway.

The EDL as a whole, and their figurehead Tommy Robinson,  have started to attack, intimidate and carry out abuses against peaceful demonstrators at trade union meetings and multicultural organisations.

Therefore the community has declared that “today it is them, and tomorrow it could be the Jews, Hindus, black people or homosexuals.”

To prevent the group’s presence in this multicultural area and to seek a resounding and supportive “NO”, “We are Waltham Forest Against the EDL” is calling on residents of the area to show unity and stop the EDL.

The demonstration will take place on 18th August at 11am. For more information:

(Trabnslated by Jose Stovell)

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