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The imprisoned city

A conference is to be held to show the lives of Palestinians living in the West Bank under Israeli occupation. The lecture will focus on the conditions inside the walled city of Qalqiliya, a city that is surrounded almost entirely by the Israeli defence wall.


According to witnesses who have visited, when viewed from outside, the city of Qalqiliya resembles something more along the lines of a prison than a Palestinian.

Everything is enclosed within its limits by the defence barrier that Israel started building in 2002 in the West Bank territories.

The only thing not enclosed is a small space to the west of the city, which is open to the outside and serves as an entrance and exit for Palestinians who reside there while Israeli military observe them from watchtowers.

“Freedom” for citizens living in Qalqiliya is living with controlled check-points, television cameras and electric fences that take control of their daily lives. Children from the city can even see the concrete borders from their schools.

The wall has been built in a territory that does not yet belong to anyone due to the long Israeli and Palestinian conflict and the stagnation of the peace process.

However, when completed, there will be a de facto annexation of 10 per cent of the territory to Israel, before any agreement has been made.

The United Nations have strongly criticized the barrier, which they also declared illegal due to a nonbinding resolution in the International Court of Justice in 2004.

Despite their constant requests for help, the Palestinian people are overlooked by the international community, aid workers are one of the only forms of help and the only actual witnesses to what happens every day in the West Bank.

Amnesty International has organised a conference that will highlight the reality in Qalqiliya and will underline the situation that exists there.

The main speaker at this event will be Ian Bell, who has lived in the city as part of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).

The EAPPI’s aim is to support local and international efforts to end Israeli occupation, in addition to achieving a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a judicial, fair peace agreement based on international law and relevant United Nations resolutions. The conference will take place on the 18th September at 7.30pm at St John’s Episcopal Church, Princes Street in Perth, PH2 8LJ. For further information, please visit the following website:

(Translated by Amanda Flanaghan –

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