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Listening to Venezuela

Under this title, a film shows the social revolution that took place in the country in recent years. The film, which will be screened on September 18th in Newcastle, wants to ‘go beyond’ the Western Media’s projection of the nation’s image.

Hugo Chávez.

According to the film’s creators, Mike Wayne and Deidre O’Neill, there are two ways of seeing “the extraordinary story” and the changes that have taken place in Venezuela since the 1990s.

The first of them would focus on the analysis of the nation, only in the shadow of current president, Hugo Chavez, who often appears in the news that is broadcasted about the country from international media sources.

The other way would be to look at what has happened in recent years, as a statement from a collective group of millions of Venezuelans, who have obtained participatory democracy and control over their society, under the so-called “Bolivian Revolution”.

The latter is the view that the creators want to portray in the film, “Listening to Venezuela”, they advocate that “what is happening in Venezuela is a true transformation, where communities and individuals are engaged in a joint project, which is seeking to find a solution to the deadlock caused by capitalism.”

In the film, the country’s story is shown through 11 chapters that analyse its changes: oil, politics, community strength, culture, history, education, elections, and finally, who is next?

It all reflects on this change that aims to “build a different kind of society, where human needs, not profits, are the priority.”

Visually, the film is shot as a traditional Latin American documentary style, born in the 60s, in the context of the Cuban Revolution, when cinema became a weapon in political uprisings.

The film will be screened on September 18th at 7:00pm in Barloco, 22 Leazes Park Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, due to the elections taking place in Venezuela next month.

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(Translated by Emma O’Toole)

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