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Going back to basics with health

9th annual gathering seeks to promote more natural choices and bring people closer to nature in an age of fast food and rampant industrialism.

Many people believe that our planet is currently reaching a crisis point.

The human race’s unsustainable growth and demand for goods and services are slowly destroying the wellbeing of both humankind and the planet it lives on.

At this turning point in history many people believe it is essential that humanity begin to implement changes to the way it conducts itself for the benefit of future generations. These measures include better care and stewardship of the environment, improved land management and farming practices, control over waste and manufacturing processes and a return to more natural ways of living.

Healthier ways of eating are also important. Popular mass-produced and mostly artificial foods such as cheesecake, crackers and chocolate are hard to resist and may seem difficult to live without.

The problem with foods such as these, however, is that due to the growing and manufacturing processes that go into making them they are often filled with chemicals, pesticides, hormones and genetically modified substances that can have an adverse effect on human health.

In addition, vegans and vegetarians believe that using animals for food is akin to attacking the natural world and promotes “bad karma.” Many people sometimes mistakenly associate such dietary choices with foul-smelling pastes and dining on twigs and leaves.

The fact is that such alternatives do exist, however, and are both pleasing to eat and better for your body. These include flax seed, raw chocolate (without high sugar and dairy content), oat cheesecake and dehydrated crackers.

Foods such as these are stripped of manufactured products and instead filled with healthy super foods that improve digestion, immune systems and health in general.

Another interesting natural alternative is called Kombucha; a fermented substance that tastes and acts much like alcohol but also aids digestive health.

These are the kind of ideas that Festival of Life, a non-profit organization devoted to educating people about the value of a healthy lifestyle and rejecting materialistic living, hopes to bring to the table in its upcoming event.

The essential message of the group is “feet on the ground, head in the clouds, and love in the heart.”

The festival will feature numerous vendors and workshops sharing information on subjects including self-healing and self-empowerment, vegan eating and whole foods, artistic expression and creating community networks.

Festival of Life 2012 will be held Saturday, September 29, at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RL and will run from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

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