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Cuba… A legacy crossing cultures

A UK group hopes to rally support through demonstration of one Latin American nation’s diverse contributions.

Among Latin American countries, the history of Cuba is especially rich and diverse.

Some of this is simply because there is more evidence in the island nation to remind citizens of their previous history. Corn and tamales have been staples of the Cuban diet for hundreds of years. The country holds no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage sites and much of the early Spanish architecture remains intact, rendering it a historical treasure.

Music and dance from Cuba are also incredibly prevalent in other parts of the world. Son and salsa dances have been popularized from Europe to the U.S. and across the rest of Latin America.

Cuba has also served as a melting pot for the merging of numerous world cultures. In the 17th and 18th centuries thousands of African slaves were imported into the country by its Spanish rulers, resulting in a combination of Catholicism with the animist religions of African tribes into Santeria, now the most popular religion in Cuba.

Despite its status as a cultural gem, Cuba has suffered many injustices in modern times, especially at the hands of the United States; first in a destructive imperialistic war in the early 20th century and more recently with an economic embargo that stifles much of Cuba’s possible contribution to world culture.

To promote the solidarity of Cuba and share a bit of Latin American culture with people in the UK, the group Cuba 50 will hold a day of events dedicated to Cuba and the various components that make up this complex and dazzling country.

Cuba 50 is an organization supporting any and all events in the UK that present showcases of Cuban culture and talent.

Entertainment at the event will include the band Raices Cubanas and Omar Puente, with homegrown Cuban salsa, son and charanga tunes. Also featured are Yuri Moreno, a Cuban vocalist, and Tiomolina, a performer of Afro-Cuban poetry.

Authentic Cuban food will also be provided.

The event will take place October 20 at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1, and will start at 7:30 p.m.

For more information, call 02088000155 or visit

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