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Cyberbullying and the law

On Wednesday 28th November, William Byrd, Safe Schools Administrator for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), will give a talk entitled: “Cyberbullying & The Law”. The lecture will address issues surrounding classroom violence, and explore how the law can be used to protect victims.

Schools across the world share the problem of tackling bullying in the classroom. But in recent years, with the rise of new technologies, the distress and vulnerability experienced by the victims has undoubtedly increased.

The physical and psychological ramifications of bullying can cause serious damage to victims, and in many cases the damage is now irreparable. Threats and humiliations are played out online, causing even greater suffering to the victims.  Action is therefore urgently needed, to tackle policies and education surrounding both classroom bullying and cyberbullying.

All UK schools are aware of policies against bullying, but new challenges have arisen  with new technologies, and the ways bullies use the internet to cause harm to their victims.  The sheer lack of information available to schools on the legal obligations, and the powers they have to confront cyberbullying, has created a high level of ignorance.

In an attempt to raise awareness of cyberbullying, and the regulations available to control it, the social enterprise “London Anti-Bullying Coalition” are holding a seminar on Wednesday the 28th November, entitled Cyberbullying and the Law.

In the presentation, William Byrd, Safe Schools Administrator for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), will delve deep into the laws surrounding cyberbullying, and explain the differences between the two different forms of school bullying.

He will also explore The Ontario Human Rights Code, a law offering all people equality in rights and opportunities, with the objective of preventing discrimination and bullying on the grounds of race, gender, sexual preference, disability, faith or age.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday 28th November, from 4:30pm, at Westmount Public Library, 3200 Wonderland Road, South London.

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