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Latin American and Caribbean political reality

In the seminar “Latin America 2012: making a better world possible”, on the 1st of December, around 50 personalities from the academic and political world will meet to debate Latin American current affairs.

In recent years, countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia have chosen different forms of government, with the intention of creating a better world, and alleviating economic and social problems for those who face them today.

Within that political context, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) was created, to emphasise the fight against poverty and social exclusion in Latin America and across the Caribbean.

Given the importance of recent political events, and with the main goal to debate subjects of interest related to Latin America, the Cuban Solidarity Campaign – in collaboration with the Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign, the Nicaraguan Solidarity Campaign and SERTUC (South East Region Trades Union Congress) – have organised the seminar “Latin America 2012: Making a better world possible”, to be held next Saturday, the 1st December.

This event will count on the participation of over 50 speakers from countries including Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and the United Kingdom.  The peace process in Colombia, the evolution of the Nicaraguan Sandinista government, threats to the Brazilian Amazon, and 50 years of the United States embargo against Cuba, are some of the many issues that will be discussed.

Running alongside these  round table discussions, there will also be screenings of documentary films, there will be musical performances, and it will be possible to visit the exhibition, ALBA and the New Latin America: Exposition for Health and Education for Everyone.

The eighth Latin American Encounter: Making a Better World Possible, will take place on Saturday 1st December from 9.30am to 5pm in the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL.

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