Migrants, Multiculture

Raising money for the immigrants

The celebration on December 15 will feature contributions from a wide variety of local communities and musical performances.

With the arrival of the festive season, many institutions organise parties to raise money for the London immigrant community, principally those from Latin America.

Migrants from different countries will have the opportunity to get together with others from their own communities in the capital and get involved in the festivities.

This year’s celebration will include musical items from groups representing various local communities.

Organised by the Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organisation (IRMO), Day of the Migrant will feature an evening Jam Session, in which any musician is free to participate with his or her instrument in an improvised performance to show off their talents to the audience.

Despite being originally founded as Chile Democratico with the intention of helping the Chilean community in London, the IRMO evolved with the arrival of people from other countries such as Colombia, and changed its name to reflect this diversification.

The IRMO’s objectives include defending immigrants’ rights, fighting poverty and the promotion of harmony and cooperation among the Latin American community in London, as well as organising educational projects and arts events. The IRMO’s number currently stands at 220 members and volunteers who organise fund-raising events such as Day of the Migrant for the immigrant community in the city.

(Translated by Rachel Eadie – Email: racheleadie@hotmail.com)

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